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Future Kind Distributes Anti-parasitics to Ache Communities

In January of 2020, with the support of public health students from the University of Nevada. Reno, Dr. Paola Ruiz Diaz, International Program Director, and Jose Anegi, International Indigenous Affair Director Future Kind implemented the first anti- parasitic disease campaign for two Ache communities in Paraguay.

Children in the Ache communities often contract parasitic diseases from the lack of available hygiene resources and education. These parasitic diseases can cause pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and weight loss, which prevents children from attending school and participating in the community. From the money raised, Dr. Paola Diaz was able to provide over a hundred children with anti- parasitic medication. Between January and May, Dr. Diaz provided three rounds of treatment to the children in the Puerto Barra and Cerro Moroti Ache communities.

Future Kind aspires to continue the Anti-Parasitic Campaign in order to reach more Ache communities in Paraguay. Learn how you can contribute today!

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