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The FLUID Project

Future Kind is committed to sustainable community development, and in partnership

Ecolution Studios, Trex, Bosma and other local businesses such as Patagonia and Melting Pot in Northern Nevada, have created a community recycling program to remove plastic wrap and film (#2 and #4) from the landfill as well as from our rivers and streams. Recycled plastic

wrap and film packaging can be turned into composite lumber and other products which

saves in raw materials and reduces the stress on the environment from plastic wrap and

film production.

Future Kind has been working for over 8 months on this project and have removed over 3,000 pounds from the waste system. The overwhelming support from the community has made the program very successful! We are looking to expand the program to additional businesses and community members to further our mission of removing these plastics from our streams and community. If you'd like to participate on the Fluid Program, please send us an email to

What kind of plastic do we need?

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Ways to help the FLUID project!

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Help impact art and community coordination continue

into the future by donating funds to the FLUID project

Be sure to note your donation is for FLUID


Contact us to Volunteer for the FLUID project, host a collection site, or have ideas for an art installation location.



Bring your plastic to the Future Kind office at
the Reno Collective, 1515 Plumas St. Reno, NV

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