Multicultural Exchange

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Our Multicultural Exchange focuses on educating and empowering young people to improve their quality of life while reducing their impact on the environment while learning about other cultures.  The common thread that runs through this mission is the emphasis on developing habits that promote healthy lifestyles, environmental consciousness and self-efficacy.


We believe in creating awareness through exploring the unfamiliar and creating new constructive disciplines.  When we are taken out of our natural environment or out of our own comfort level, our eye’s are opened to a possibility that we never knew existed. Future Kind is committed to creating the personal understanding that the knowledge acquired in our past experiences will determine our future behaviors. When young adults are given the opportunity to think freely and create their mindful interpretations, confidence and personal growth begin.



Future Kind Camps were created to improve  and educate the youth in the local communities. Students interested in participating in this unique experience must complete the camp application and include a personal “express yourself piece” explaining their interest in being part of Future Kind Camp. A selection committee will then evaluate these applications using a specific criteria. All students selected will be notified by Future Kind staff.


The camps are designed to expose young people to a wide-range of activities they may not be familiar with, such as acro-yoga, music, permaculture, art and more.  All activities are led by experienced instructors. At the beginning and end of every day, participants will take part in a team building class in which they will be encouraged to think about these new experiences in an analytical way. Through this class and through these ideas, the students  create connections between the given knowledge and their personal lives and will help encourage and improve the quality of  their lives and the community around them.