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The goal of our RENO program is to catalyze sustainability projects in Reno that align with our mission and the city’s new Sustainability & Climate Action Plan.  We believe our community will be stronger and more resilient when we work together than if we try to do it alone.  


There is an ever-growing opportunity gap created by inequitable social, environmental and economic systems.  In addition to this, our generation is facing a crisis of climate change and many studies show we have a limited amount of time to make right, the wrongs of centuries. 


Sustainability is about bringing our social, environmental and economic ecosystems into harmonic balance. In order to achieve sustainability, we need to engage in regenerative community development that strengthens our community and protects our climate.


We believe the path to this lies in having a shared vision AND a shared commitment to achieving that vision.  The city of Reno worked collaboratively to develop our Sustainability & Climate Action Plan. Our R.E.N.O. program aims to turn this commitment into community action.



Future Kind provides a platform to bring initiatives from idea to reality through sponsorship and capacity building.  We are collaborate, partner, and engage in sustainable service-learning projects that align with our mission and the city’s sustainability plan.


Individuals or community groups can apply to become a sponsored project of the R.E.N.O. program. Selected initiatives receive the benefit of 501c3 support, advocacy, guidance, networking, and strategic assistance from our team to increase the collective impact your project! 

Our R.E.N.O. program exists to support sustainable projects that are inclusive, equitable and regenerative in nature.  By working collaboratively we can bridge the opportunity gap and help catalyze local efforts.  Through diversity, equality and opportunity we can be sustainable and thrive-able!



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The  FLUID Project







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