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Off Beat 2019! Ready for another year of great music!

Future Kind is a proud partner of Off Beat Music Festival!

Off Beat Music Festival is a three-day event scheduled for October 3-5, 2019, it continues to showcase northern Nevada’s growing music scene while building a legacy event for the area that appeals to a younger, more diverse audience. The festival spotlights homegrown musical and artistic talent, and also brings regional bands and nationally recognized artists who have a fondness for performing in our area or hopefully will consider Reno a viable stop for tours in the future.

Embracing the strong grassroots movements and entrepreneurial spirit of the region, Off Beat collaborates with local businesses to highlight the incredible amenities in Reno. Festival attendees can wander around Midtown and Downtown discovering retail shops and distinctive eating options, all celebrating the attitude and revival of northern Nevada.

Please visit for tickets and more information!

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