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Future Kind Sends Public Health Students to Paraguay

This January, a group of four students from the University of Nevada, Reno in partnership with Future Kind traveled to Paraguay to provide needs assessments and public health education to two Ache communities. These students worked under the guidance of Gerold Dermid, Director of the Nevada Public Health Training Center, Baldo Bobadilla, Future Kind Executive Director, Dr. Paola Ruiz Diaz, International Health Program Director, and Jose Anegi, International Indigenous Affair Director. Before traveling to Paraguay, the students raised over $1,500 in donations, providing each Ache community with a communal water filter, anti-parasitic medication, soap, tooth brushes, and feminine hygiene products. During their time in Paraguay, the students provided public health education on oral health, sanitation, hygiene, and the causes of parasitic diseases. Lessons were also given on family planning and over sixty women received ovulation tracking bracelets. A nutrition assessment was conducted in each community and health records for all the children were gathered. Following this trip, the members of this group and the board of Future Kind aspire to continue their work to provide these Ache communities with a mobile clinic.

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