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Project New Horizons builds resilience and equality in communities by providing scholarship funds to empower female students to find solutions to environmentally or socially unjust situations

New Horizons

Digital libraries addresses social injustice and increases community reslience by working with groups around the world to improve educational opportunites and provide digital tools to enhance learning

Digital Libraries

We celebrate diversity and build social bonds with our Multicultural Exchange that is focused on educating and empowering youth.  Through exchanging experiences, students learn to improve quality of life, reduce impact on their environment and be better prepared to find resilient solutions for their communities

Multicultural Exchange

Ardour is a collaborative, service-learning opportunity with WCSD/AACT that promotes healthy food & local restaurant economy while providing real culinary experience for students

Ardour Experience

A collaboration with indigenous communities and local leaders in paraguay to solve social and environmetal issues by providing basic health care, potable water infrastructure and food pantries, so they can reach their regenerative, sustainable potential

Sustainable Community Development-Paraguay

In collaboration with UNR, we provide educational opportunities and support  students in service-learning projects that catalyze sustainable, equitable development in communities around the world

Sustainable Service Learning

R.E.N.O. is a new program aimed to catalyze local sustainability projects in Reno by providing a container for collaboration, partnership, or service-learning initiatives.  Through this program, we provide support services that align with our mission and the city's Sustainability & Climate Action Plan to enhance efforts towards specific goals.  When selecting initiatives for this program, we ask ourselves how does this action Revitalize R.E.N.O. ?  :  Is it Regenerative?  Does it address Equality?  Is it a Need in Reno?  Is there an Opportunity to help? 

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