FK and Saltamontes
We are more than thrilled to announce that we are expanding our Digital Library program thanks to a partnership with Project Saltamontes, a non-profit member of One:One based in Santiago de Chile. Project Saltamontes has recognized the need to democratize access to learning English among different populations in the city of Santiago. ” In Chile, there is a wide array of enriching experiences available to young people, chances to study and work abroad that lead to better jobs and ultimately a higher quality of living, but those opportunities are only given to young people who have a good hold on the English language. Sadly, that dividing line in English competency correlates directly with socio-economic level.”

Through the use of iPads, teachers will have at their disposal a variety of tools that will help them develop a more engaging curriculum for the students. Interactive apps, ebooks and internet access, are just some of the  advantages that this technology can bring to the classroom. “The apps are really colorful, interactive, and fun, so the kids are more engaged and excited about learning,” says Courtney Yarsley, One:One Founder and Director. In the near future we intend to use these tablets as a means to bring together the different groups of students that Future Kind and Project Saltamontes are working with. Intercultural interaction will provide both groups of students with an opportunity to improve their language skills and develop global perspectives.



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