This is the Centro Educativo Pirizal, in Puerto Casado, Alto Paraguay – Paraguay. This center was built as a technical high school, to provide students with the technical support they need to become a technical professional,  or aim to get into higher education. The center was built as a donation from Dr. Nicolas Leoz (current president of the South American Soccer Federation), which consist of classrooms and office space; however, the center is lacking the appropriate educational material to help students further their education. [tp no_translate=”y”]Future Kind[/tp] is working with the schools officials to provide ebooks, contained in tablets (such the Kindle Fire), covering an arrange of topics from accounting, mathematics and physics; to arts, literature and health. These tablets will be donated to the Centro Educativo Pirizal to be used as a resource for students and teachers to further their training and education.

The tablets will also be loaded with educational videos and apps for a variety of topics, such us permaculture, music and more.

If you’d like to help us complete this project, please consider donating to [tp no_translate=”y”]Future Kind[/tp]. You can also directly purshase the ebooks needed for this project from our wish list. We have purchased our first Kindle Fire tablet, so the books are ready for download. We appreciate your support!


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