Four courses of seasonal delights for one great cause!

Conceived as a collaboration between Future Kind and Seattle’s talented, up-and-coming chefs Felipe and Jessica Prieto, Ardour will bring to Reno one indulgent evening of seasonal delights. Ardour will offer a four course menu prepared with fresh, local ingredients and the option of a wine pairing with your dinner. Located at Great Full Gardens restaurant in the trendy Midtown District, Ardour will seduce Reno for one night only on Sunday, March 2nd with seating from 6-8pm. All proceeds will benefit Future Kind’s newest educational project, Reno Heart Beat.

The cost to dine at Ardour is as follows:

Four course dinner $ 70
Wine pairing $ 25

Chef Bio

Felipe Prieto

Born and raised in Colombia Felipe’s passion for the culinary arts led him south to Argentina to study at the Mausi Sebess Institute in Buenos Aires, the most awarded culinary institute in all of Latin America. Felipe has worked with renowned chefs in both South America and the U.S. such as the highly acclaimed Michael Mina who has won awards from the Michelin Guide and Tom Douglas who has twice received the James Beard award for Best West Coast Chef. Felipe currently works at Mamnoon restaurant in Seattle with chef Garret Melkonian. This restaurant was recently named best restaurant of the year by the Seattle Met Magazine and Seattle Magazine.

For information on becoming an sponsor or reservations please call (775) 624-7027 or visit

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[tp no_translate=”y”]Future Kind[/tp] provided two elementary schools in Puerto Casado Paraguay with no access to potable water with LifeStraw® water filters. These devices filter out 99.99% of the bacteria in contaminated water and are an immediate solution to potable water problem at these schools. [tp no_translate=”y”]Future Kind[/tp] is also working with school officials on a permanent solution for these schools and kids. The programs entails sanitary infrastructure at students homes such as latrines and sustainable sanitary ovens.

Besides these two elementary schools [tp no_translate=”y”]Future Kind[/tp] is working on providing LifeStraw® water filters to the following communities in Paraguay as well who have no access to safe drinking water making them highly susceptible to disease.

Name of Community (Tribe): Comunidad Livio Fariña of the Maskoy Guarani Tribe
Population: 400 (60 families)
The water access for this community is raw water from the river that discharges into a reservoir through a ditch. There’s no treatment of the water, people get the water from the reservoir through a couple of community faucets.

Name of Community: Castilla of the Maskoy Guarani Tribe
Population: 300 (50 families)
This community has no access to water from rivers or streams, so all they have is a reservoir that collects rain water. The water is not treated and has not distribution system. During droughts and hot temperatures the lack of water becomes a critical problem.

Name of Community: Toro Pampa (Latin Community, non-indigenous)
Population: 2000 (400 families)
This community has no access to rivers or streams, so all they have is two reservoirs that collect rain water. The water is not treated and there’s not distribution system.

If you feel you can help, please consider donating a LifeStraw to this project by clicking on the button below.

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This is the Centro Educativo Pirizal, in Puerto Casado, Alto Paraguay – Paraguay. This center was built as a technical high school, to provide students with the technical support they need to become a technical professional,  or aim to get into higher education. The center was built as a donation from Dr. Nicolas Leoz (current president of the South American Soccer Federation), which consist of classrooms and office space; however, the center is lacking the appropriate educational material to help students further their education. [tp no_translate=”y”]Future Kind[/tp] is working with the schools officials to provide ebooks, contained in tablets (such the Kindle Fire), covering an arrange of topics from accounting, mathematics and physics; to arts, literature and health. These tablets will be donated to the Centro Educativo Pirizal to be used as a resource for students and teachers to further their training and education.

The tablets will also be loaded with educational videos and apps for a variety of topics, such us permaculture, music and more.

If you’d like to help us complete this project, please consider donating to [tp no_translate=”y”]Future Kind[/tp]. You can also directly purshase the ebooks needed for this project from our wish list. We have purchased our first Kindle Fire tablet, so the books are ready for download. We appreciate your support!

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