Ardour Internship seeks to empower participants, qualifying them for jobs within the culinary industry ensuring a practical experience that will guide them in their search for a creative career path. We have partnered with AACT to be able to bring this opportunity to all Washoe county school district students. This internship is meant as a supplement to the formal culinary education students receive in the classroom. It’s main goal is to enhance the intern’s understanding of gastronomy by providing real-life experience and a connection with the local culinary industry and tastes. At the end of the internship, interns will work with the Ardour Chef to put together a one time Pop-Up restaurant. They will use their newly acquired knowledge to bring to life a unique dining experience. This event will serve as a capstone project for the internship. This unpaid internship will take place in different restaurants in the Reno/Sparks area (restaurants pending). During their internship they will be part of the kitchen team serving as assistants to the main chef, following all of his instructions and guidelines. Students will be responsible for showing up on time, being respectful, following directions and making sure that they are putting to practice all their classroom knowledge. Students will also be responsible for completing a daily journal where they will answer different questions about their experience. During their internship, Ardour’s chef will be their point of contact for any questions or concerns. Ardour’s chef will also visit students at their internship location at least once. Towards the end of internship all interns will get together with Ardour’s chef to start planning the Ardour Pop Up. The Ardour Pop Up will be the capstone project for all of the Adour interns.  They will be responsible for creating a unique restaurant experience. The location of the Pop-Up will be determined towards the end of the internship. Future Kind will be responsible of organizing and promoting the event.


  • Career related experience
  • Gains practical knowledge
  • Opportunity to explore career avenues
  • Valuable work experience for their resumes
  • Potential to earn academic credit
  • Increased self confidence
  • Obtain references from co-workers


  • Gain one additional kitchen assistant at no cost with few responsibilities.
  • Have your restaurant promoted by Future Kind
  • Help mold the future of Reno’s culinary scene
  • Help fill the educational gap needed in the local culinary industry.
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The goal of this project is to improve the quality of education in communities with limited resources around the world. Using digital tablets, (such as Kindle Fire or iPad) loaded with all the necessary textbooks and educational resources, we can make a significant difference in the lives of many. WHY Today, we find there is no reason for us to use the same educational tools we used in the past century. Technology is transforming the way we learn and the way we interact with the rest of the world.  If we want to educate individuals ready to face the challenges of our new globalized society, then we need to provide them with the necessary tools.  Having textbooks in a digital format as opposed to the printed versions, can be very advantageous: 1. The cost of each textbook is only a fraction of the printed book. 2. Environmentally friendly 3. Having all your books in just one tablet means students only need to have one study tool. 4. Since these digital textbooks use different media formats, such as video, audio and interactive illustrations, teachers will find it easier to engage students. 5. Updating textbooks will be as simple as downloading an email. 6. Students will also be able to use the tablet’s Internet access to find different resource materials. WHO It is known that the wealth gap between developed countries and those that are considered otherwise, continues to grow at a fast pace leaving many young people without opportunities to succeed. Future Kind seeks to work with schools all around the world that lack the necessary tools to provide quality education, such as updated libraries and access to new technologies. We look for small communities where we can have a big impact. HOW Providing educational communities with the digital tablets is only the first step. We expect educators to make the most out of these tools. For this reason Future Kind will provide hands-on training and on-going support to every teacher that will be handling the tablets. Future Kind will maintain a close working relationship with each sponsored school and will track tablet use and student growth. We will also implement a reflection and evaluation system whereby students and educators can give input about the effectiveness of the tablets.
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Our Multicultural Exchange focuses on educating and empowering young people to improve their quality of life while reducing their impact on the environment while learning about other cultures.  The common thread that runs through this mission is the emphasis on developing habits that promote healthy lifestyles, environmental consciousness and self-efficacy.


We believe in creating awareness through exploring the unfamiliar and creating new constructive disciplines.  When we are taken out of our natural environment or out of our own comfort level, our eye’s are opened to a possibility that we never knew existed. Future Kind is committed to creating the personal understanding that the knowledge acquired in our past experiences will determine our future behaviors. When young adults are given the opportunity to think freely and create their mindful interpretations, confidence and personal growth begin.


Future Kind Camps were created to improve  and educate the youth in the local communities. Students interested in participating in this unique experience must complete the camp application and include a personal “express yourself piece” explaining their interest in being part of Future Kind Camp. A selection committee will then evaluate these applications using a specific criteria. All students selected will be notified by Future Kind staff.


The camps are designed to expose young people to a wide-range of activities they may not be familiar with, such as acro-yoga, music, permaculture, art and more.  All activities are led by experienced instructors. At the beginning and end of every day, participants will take part in a team building class in which they will be encouraged to think about these new experiences in an analytical way. Through this class and through these ideas, the students  create connections between the given knowledge and their personal lives and will help encourage and improve the quality of  their lives and the community around them.

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