Four courses of seasonal delights for one great cause!

Conceived as a collaboration between Future Kind and Seattle’s talented, up-and-coming chefs Felipe and Jessica Prieto, Ardour will bring to Reno one indulgent evening of seasonal delights. Ardour will offer a four course menu prepared with fresh, local ingredients and the option of a wine pairing with your dinner. Located at Great Full Gardens restaurant in the trendy Midtown District, Ardour will seduce Reno for one night only on Sunday, March 2nd with seating from 6-8pm. All proceeds will benefit Future Kind’s newest educational project, Reno Heart Beat.

The cost to dine at Ardour is as follows:

Four course dinner $ 70
Wine pairing $ 25

Chef Bio

Felipe Prieto

Born and raised in Colombia Felipe’s passion for the culinary arts led him south to Argentina to study at the Mausi Sebess Institute in Buenos Aires, the most awarded culinary institute in all of Latin America. Felipe has worked with renowned chefs in both South America and the U.S. such as the highly acclaimed Michael Mina who has won awards from the Michelin Guide and Tom Douglas who has twice received the James Beard award for Best West Coast Chef. Felipe currently works at Mamnoon restaurant in Seattle with chef Garret Melkonian. This restaurant was recently named best restaurant of the year by the Seattle Met Magazine and Seattle Magazine.

For information on becoming an sponsor or reservations please call (775) 624-7027 or visit

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FK and Saltamontes
We are more than thrilled to announce that we are expanding our Digital Library program thanks to a partnership with Project Saltamontes, a non-profit member of One:One based in Santiago de Chile. Project Saltamontes has recognized the need to democratize access to learning English among different populations in the city of Santiago. ” In Chile, there is a wide array of enriching experiences available to young people, chances to study and work abroad that lead to better jobs and ultimately a higher quality of living, but those opportunities are only given to young people who have a good hold on the English language. Sadly, that dividing line in English competency correlates directly with socio-economic level.”

Through the use of iPads, teachers will have at their disposal a variety of tools that will help them develop a more engaging curriculum for the students. Interactive apps, ebooks and internet access, are just some of the  advantages that this technology can bring to the classroom. “The apps are really colorful, interactive, and fun, so the kids are more engaged and excited about learning,” says Courtney Yarsley, One:One Founder and Director. In the near future we intend to use these tablets as a means to bring together the different groups of students that Future Kind and Project Saltamontes are working with. Intercultural interaction will provide both groups of students with an opportunity to improve their language skills and develop global perspectives.


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[tp no_translate=”y”]Future Kind[/tp] provided two elementary schools in Puerto Casado Paraguay with no access to potable water with LifeStraw® water filters. These devices filter out 99.99% of the bacteria in contaminated water and are an immediate solution to potable water problem at these schools. [tp no_translate=”y”]Future Kind[/tp] is also working with school officials on a permanent solution for these schools and kids. The programs entails sanitary infrastructure at students homes such as latrines and sustainable sanitary ovens.

Besides these two elementary schools [tp no_translate=”y”]Future Kind[/tp] is working on providing LifeStraw® water filters to the following communities in Paraguay as well who have no access to safe drinking water making them highly susceptible to disease.

Name of Community (Tribe): Comunidad Livio Fariña of the Maskoy Guarani Tribe
Population: 400 (60 families)
The water access for this community is raw water from the river that discharges into a reservoir through a ditch. There’s no treatment of the water, people get the water from the reservoir through a couple of community faucets.

Name of Community: Castilla of the Maskoy Guarani Tribe
Population: 300 (50 families)
This community has no access to water from rivers or streams, so all they have is a reservoir that collects rain water. The water is not treated and has not distribution system. During droughts and hot temperatures the lack of water becomes a critical problem.

Name of Community: Toro Pampa (Latin Community, non-indigenous)
Population: 2000 (400 families)
This community has no access to rivers or streams, so all they have is two reservoirs that collect rain water. The water is not treated and there’s not distribution system.

If you feel you can help, please consider donating a LifeStraw to this project by clicking on the button below.

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Come “kick the can” with Future Kind at the second annual KICK TO INSPIRE, one day, adult co-ed, soccer & music festival!

Reno, NV- May 8th, 2013 – Future Kind is a Reno based non-profit aimed at reducing the opportunity gap for communities with limited resources around the world. To help raise funds for Future Kind’s many exciting projects, the FK team is proud to announce KICK TO INSPIRE, an inspirational Soccer and Music Festival!

Soccer fanatic or not, Kick to Inspire is a 5v5 adult, coed soccer tournament that will test your ability to join your community, raise funds, have fun, and ultimately KICK THE CAN!. There will be optional juggling, chipping, and target contests to keep the fun and excitement in motion for players, fans, and music goers alike. With a mix of live bands and an exotic playlist from around the world, music will be rocking throughout this unique event. Food and drinks will be available for purchase at the sideline bar, which has prime seating with an unobstructed view of all the action.

The KICK TO INSPIRE tournament will be held on June 8th, 2013 from 9am-6pm at the Reno Sports Dome located at 2400 Tampa Street, Reno, NV 89512. The “Dome” is a brand-new, state of the art, sports facility that offers indoors turf fields, party rooms, youth and adult leagues, and, not to mention, a comfortable lounge area with a bar offering micro-brew beers.

This fundraiser, like all Future Kind events, is about dedicating one day, or a few hours, to a great cause, while having great fun. All proceeds raised by KICK TO INSPIRE will directly fund and improve Future Kind’s efforts to educate, improve health, and provide opportunities to our youth.

Future Kind is hard at work on many exciting and far-reaching projects both here in Reno and internationally. Applications are now available for FUTURE KIND SUMMER, a program designed to provide local high school students with the opportunity to learn about disciplines that encourage creativity, healthy choices and environmental consciousness. Internationally, Future Kind’s DIGITAL LIBRARIES project is currently improving the quality of education in communities with limited resources in Paraguay and Chile with the use of tablets loaded full of textbooks and educational applications. The FUTURE KIND LIFESTRAW® project is our newest international effort. This project aims to reduce deaths due to diarrheal disease (which is higher than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined) by providing access to safe, potable, drinking water through LifeStraw filter technology (

For more information on how to sign up for the KICK TO INSPIRE Soccer and Music Festival, or to get involved in any of Future Kind’s Projects, go to or contact Baldo Bobadilla directly at or 775.762.1875.



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Baldo Bobadilla
Executive Director
Phone: 1.775.762.1875

Future Kind Official Partner of Reno Earth Day 2013

 Reno, Nevada, March 30, 2013- Future Kind has officially partnered with this year’s Reno Earth Day Celebration, which will be held on Sunday, April 21st, 2013 from 10am to 6pm at Idlewild Park.

Future Kind is 501(c)3 non-profit organization that exists  to reduce the opportunity gap for communities with limited resources around the world; and, to educate the youth about music, sustainability and the arts. Team members of Future Kind will be presenting at the Reno Earth Day Celebration to share what they are doing in the community and around the world.

Future Kind will be having a raffle on Earth day to raise funds to purchase 100 Life Straws® for rural, indigenous communities in Paraguay, South America. Life Straws® provide a personal filtration system that can be used to drink water that would normally be unsanitary. Future Kind will be raffling of two Life Straws® at Earth Day. Don’t forget to stop by Future Kind’s table on Earth Day to learn more about their projects and how you can be part of the change!

 About Future Kind

 Future Kind was created by a diverse community of people (artists, educators, and scientists) with a strong belief that through education and improved infrastructure, we can help close the opportunity gap and build communities that are in harmony with themselves and the environment.

One of Future Kind’s projects in the Reno/Sparks area is “Future Kind Summer” which is a five-day program designed to encourage high school students to learn about and practice disciplines that encourage creativity, promote good health and environmental consciousness. Participation is free for chosen applicants, and activities include acroyoga, aerial silks, DJ/music, art, percussion, permaculture, and more. Applications will be available at Earth Day for the 2013 summer program.

Future Kind commitment to education and reducing the opportunity gap amongst communities is displayed in their Digital Library Project. The project consists of providing textbooks and educational apps through tablets (Kindle Fire and Ipads) to impoverished schools lacking the appropriate educational material to help students further their education. Future Kind works with the school’s officials to provide ebooks, and apps covering a range of topics from accounting, mathematics and physics; to arts, literature and health. Current projects are being developed in Paraguay and Chile.

As mentioned above, Future Kind is working with local government officials and indigenous community leaders in Northern Paraguay to provide these communities with Life Straw® water filters. These communities have no access to safe drinking water, making them highly susceptible to disease. Our efforts will expand to other sites in South America and Africa.

For volunteering opportunities, please email Future Kind at They are always looking for enthusiastic people from all walks of life to add their knowledge and experiences to their projects.

# # #

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We are proud to announce the applications for Future Kind Summer 2013 is now available!

Future Kind Summer is a five-day summer program designed by Future Kind to encourage high school students to learn about, and practice disciplines that encourage creativity and promote health and environmental consciousness. Participation is free for chosen applicants!


Click  here to find out more information about more about the program and specific classes! We look forward to hearing from you!!!

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Future Kind presents the Reno Art Beat, an all ages music and art education event where participants can learn about the prolific and diverse music and art scene developing in the Northern Nevada region. The event will take place at the Salvagery art collective, on 2530 Wrondel Way Reno, NV 89502 from 4pm to 8pm on September 15, 2012.

Reno Art Beat will showcase the blossoming music and art scene in the Reno-Tahoe region worthy of large cosmopolitan areas around the globe. Participants will be able to interact with artists and musicians to get a unique opportunity to ask them about their passion and craft. Detailed artist information will be available during performances, and general information about their music and art will be made available throughout the venue. The music you can expect to hear at the Reno Art Beat ranges from bluegrass to experimental rock, and from dubstep to moombahton. The art styles ranges from graffiti inspired free form to surreal and psychedelic paintings.

All ticket holders will be provided with a plate of delicious locally catered food to enjoy during the event.

Some of the featured performers and artist at the Reno Art Beat are Coop-da-Loop (Dancehall), Schizopolitans (Experimental Rock), Drinking With Clowns (Latin/World), Heidalicious (Progressive R&B), Merkin (Grunge), Motorhome (Moombahton), Universoul (Soul), 6 Mule Pile Up (Bluegrass) and many more!

The ticket price will be $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Tickets will be available at the Melting Pot World Emporium, Junkee’s, Prism Magic, and Recycled Records. All proceeds will go to benefit Future Kind’s educational programs. For more information on the Reno Art Beat and Future Kind please visit

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