Future Kind is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to building strong communities through cultural diversity. We believe that bringing people together, and by sharing our experiences, we can build stronger bonds within our communities, and better tackle the issues facing our communities and our planet.

The fast road we have taken towards a globalized society has left many people ill-prepared to meet the challenges of today’s world. The increasing opportunity gap has created serious problems in many communities, such as lack of access to quality education, adequate health-care, unbalanced use of natural resources, and destruction of the environment. Future Kind develops health and wellness, as well as educational projects in Reno, NV and around world in an effort to reduce this gap.

Future Kind was created by a diverse community of artists, educators and scientists with a strong belief that through education, understanding, and improved infrastructure, we can help close this opportunity gap and build communities that are in harmony with themselves and the environment.

Our Projects

International Projects and Partnerships:

  • Access to potable water (Paraguay)
  • Medical care and medicine assistance (Paraguay)
  • Futbol y Palabra (El Salvador)
  • Digital Libraries
  • Mobile Clinic