Future Kind s a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the youth reach their full potential and goals through health and educational programs.

The fast road we have taken towards a globalized society has left many people ill-prepared to meet the challenges of today’s world. The increasing opportunity gap has created serious problems in many communities, such as lack of access to quality education, adequate health-care, unbalanced use of natural resources, and destruction of the environment.

Future Kind was created by a diverse community of artists, educators and scientists with a strong belief that through education and improved infrastructure, we can help close this opportunity gap and build communities that are in harmony with themselves and the environment.

Educational Projects:

Through the use of technology and contemporary educational approaches, we provide communities with knowledge that we consider essential to face the future of our new globalized society.

Health Projects:

Identify communities around the world with no access to potable water or adequate human waste disposal system, and design projects to fulfill their specific needs.

  • Initial Programs: LifeStraw distribution, well water excavation, pump, tank and distribution design and installation. Community sustainable septic systems and/or sewer disposal.